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Why Swarriors' Trump Cards?

We spent our childhood playing wrestlers' trump cards. Kids today have some fictional animal cards to play with. Why not give them something original? 

Mawala is glad to present hereby
SWARRIORS' Trump Cards

What is Swarrrior's Trump Cards?  
Swarriors is Swarajya warriors - the men who fought for our soil!

What do you get ?

A deck of 38 Swarriors (Swarajya Warriors) is provided. 
Each has their image and 7 points of comparison.

You may call from


Remarkable Feat





Battleship Participation

A player with a better point of comparison wins the card. 
Objective of the game is to win all cards.

Objective While playing itself, kids will get to know about real Indian Superheroes and their contributions to the Quest of Swarajya establishment.

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