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Learn & get inspired
from the Glorious History of

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


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The minute you choose to play Mawala - The board game, you play as one of the Swarajya warriors accompanying Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from his birth to Rajyabhishek. You don't play against the other player; players as Swarajya Warriors are together in this journey. The destination is Rajyabhishek.

You are to reach there and submit your earnings to Swarajya. Whoever submits more earns greater honor during the ceremony and hence wins!

Elements of the game



The game has 100 places which actually are the events that had happened in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life arranged in chronological order. 



Players move ahead by throwing dice. There are two dice provided with the game.  The Black one will take the player ahead. The Red one will help them get cards.


Mawala Cards

You get accompanied by real superheroes from our history – the Swarajyawarriors. A deck of 22 warrior cards is provided with the game.  Red dice will help you get these real warriors to accompany you. The events where they had really contributed, will help you earn more.


Gems of Swarajya

This book has back stories of warriors who are part of the game.



You become a soldier of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and travel the path on the board. You may pick a token of your choice from 4 tokens provided with the game. 
4 players can play at a time.
At the beginning token is to be selected from infantry, it further gets upgraded to cavalry!



The game has ancient currency Hone. Landing on places where we had won, Mawala gets rewarded by the number of hones mentioned on the respective place. Landing on places of setbacks, Mawala pays back to the bank of Swarajya. There are three denominations given for the convenience.

fORT cards.jpg

Fort Cards

You also get benefited by becoming caretaker of 10 forts during this journey. A deck of 10 forts is provided with the game. Red dice will help you get charge of these forts. Landing on victorious events that had happened on these forts will help you earn more.



This book has historical references of all 100 events mapped on the board. Reading this while playing helps you understand the situation.

Signs on The Board


Shivaji Maharaj was very particular about timely salaries of soldiers serving in our army. 

On our board since players are actual warriors of Swarajya, they too are liable to get paid on time. So, every time a player lands on or crosses the Wages sign, he/she will get 200 Hones as salary.

Orange Band

The orange collar on the places implies a positive event during this quest of Swarajya!

Grey Band

The grey collar on the places implies a negative event during this quest of Swarajya!

Navy Blue Band

The navy blue collar on the places implies the places where we had lost a Swarajya Warrior while fighting!

Red Colored Places

The red coloured places on the board imply stoppage points. There are three stoppage points on the board. These are unmissable events. Players irrespective of the numbers on the dice will have to stop at these places.

Signs on Cards


Battleship Participation

Signifies active battleship participation

(1 icon=100 Hones)



Signifies the honour received in the courts of our King

(1 icon= 100 Hones)

Personal fondness.jpg


Signifies the personal fondness our King used to have for the individual

(1 icon= 100 Hones)


Literary Contribution

Signifies the literary contributions

(1 icon = 100 Hones)


Ultimate Sacrifice

Signifies the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Swarajya

(1 icon = 500 Hones)