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Do you want to become a Swarajya warrior &Experience the journey of Swarajya?
Mawala - The board game helps you do that! 

The board provided has 100 places which actually are the events that happened in our king's - Maharaj's - life; placed sequentially. 

You play this game by being a Swarajya warrior yourself and the role of dice takes you places on board, i.e. historic events where you contribute.  You earn or lose hones - the ancient currency - while moving ahead with respect to the nature of the place/historic event you land on.

In this journey you get real Swarajya warriors with you, you become caretaker of the forts and march towards the grand Kingship ceremony - The Rajyabhishek! 
The wealth accumulated during the journey, you present it to Maharaj! Whoever presents more wins greater honour!!

Mawala The Board Game

  • 1 Rulebook
    1 Gameboard (Marathi)
    1 Hindi Gameplay sheet
    1 English Gameplay sheet
    100 Hones
    8 Player trackers
    22 Mawala Cards
    10 Fort cards
    1 Mawala information booklet (in 3 languages)
    1 Paulkhuna booklet (in 3 languages)

  • The New board game now comes with multilingual gameplay.

    Select any language gameplay sheet, attach to the main board and you are ready to play.

    All books including the rule book come in 3 languages

    2 new warriors introduced

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